Mattie Hui

As a Transformation & Spiritual Coach, I will help you on:

-removing your old limiting beliefs and emotional blockages through inner healing and forgiveness process

-becoming your authentic self (to serve your life purpose)

-becoming your best self and developing a growth mindset

-identifying what it will take to create lasting changes and transformation by following practical steps


All the reviews were from my previous clients from ​,,, and personal email feedback.

"I can't even explain how Matty has the ability to bring you back to your center, but she can. It was honestly like hitting the reset button. I have been looking for a long time for help with anxiety issues, and I finally found relief and help with Matty. She is teaching me how to use the tools that I already have to control how things affect me. If you have anxiety issues, Matty is your savior. She is a great listener and truly is there to help all who walk through her door."

~ Terry G. from Koloa, HI/Gilbert, AZ on Dec 13, 2017

"There are not enough words to describe my incredible experience with Ling..As someone who is constantly willing to do the hard work on themselves...always striving to be a better human than yesterday....This is where a MASSIVE breakthrough is occurring...

I have done extensive work to heal...and i knew there was a "blockage"..No matter how hard i tried, regardless of my success...I knew there was something i couldn't break through..

Tapping into places i had been willing to go, however with her facilitation...the real healing has begun...

I with great pride, when i work very closely with people everyday, helping them thru their own healing process, add Ling to their toolbox of recovery....

Nothing like this....So grateful she is in my life...."

~ Tracy O. from Gilbert, AZ on on July 26, 2016

"Get to Direct Mindpower NOW if you're stressed out. I've been under tremendous stress/pressure since March where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I honestly didn't know why things were falling apart so I went to 2 psychics (didn't help) tried natural healing remedies, etc.. (waste of money) read books on relaxation, tried calling every shrink on my insurance plan but of course none of them were taking new patients. NOTHING helped and nothing was working.

I went to Ling (Matty as she likes to be called) and I don't recall a time in my life where I ever felt so relaxed and grounded. I almost started crying out of gratitude it was so amazing. I left there floating on a cloud. I swear, I almost floated right out of my body- I was that relaxed. I got an Angel Therapy reading and went under hypnosis.

She is unbelievably knowledgeable and intuitive, as well as talented. I honestly didn't think I could be hypnotized since my stress level was through the roof but I dropped right under. She is AMAZING. She definitely has a gift and was put on this earth to help people."

~ Jasmine V., from Gilbert, AZ on on July 13, 2016I

"Ling was recommended to me by my sister. I wasn't sure about doing a remote session as I live in Australia, but Ling was able to help me IMMENSELY with just 2 sessions. We connected via Skype and she was great accommodating the time difference for me. I felt very at ease with her guidance. The experience was so uplifting. I've been carrying around baggage from my past for so many decades, glad to have it gone!! I've already been recommending Direct Mindpower to all the people in my life. If you have any doubts, leave them at the door and take that leap of faith, it is worth it!!"

~ Janine J., Distant Healing (Skype session) from Townsville, Australia on on June 9, 2016

"You were very spot on with what you said and so far I feel good this morning! Too early to say how much the healing has changed, but I feel very good about this healing! :) Thank you so much! :)"

~ Inger-Lise, Distant Healing Client from Norway on April 27, 2015

"Thank you for helping my mother! The pain on her shoulder is less now :) many blessings to you xx"

~ Leela, Distant Healing Client from Bangkok, Thailand on April 22, 2015

"Thank you again Ling! She is also very appreciative and continues to improve. I will keep you updated. Be blessed!"

Elnora, Distant Healing Client from East Coast on April 11, 2015

"This was a big shift! I am grateful for your help and patience to help me connect the dots and let me understand why a certain pattern was repeating itself in my life, it was profoundly healing, such a big release. I feel blessed to have you help me get my life together! :) Thank you! :) xx"

~ Leela, Distant Healing Client from Bangkok, Thailand on April 10, 2015

"Thank you Ling! My daughter is improving. I appreciate your help and blessings to you."

~ Elnora, Distant Healing Client from East Coast on April 8, 2015

"I have had the good fortune to have Ling as my neighbor, and when I went to her with my broken heart (my mother died in October, three days after the man I loved exited my life) she immediately set about a healing. Theta is what she used with me, and opened my Chakras to help me forgive and heal the pain that was destroying me. She explained much about the healing process, and defined the many different healing modalities she has to call on. I will recommend her to all friends and family for any and all healing needs they may have. A truly compassionate and gifted healer is Ling, and she truly does deserve the 10 stars mentioned in a previous review. I will be taking part in her full moon healing online next month, and look forward to the time when I can receive my second Reiki attunement and move on to Reiki Master under her tutelage. When one who has also done healing work needs someone else to intervene, Ling was the perfect healer to call on! Thank you, my friend and neighbor!"

~ Linda S. from Phoenix AZ on on April 7, 2015

"I am very pleased with our session. Ling is professional, knowledgeable, great communication, most importantly you can tell that she really cares about you and holds a safe space for you to explore the concerns you may be having. Wonderful, thank you! Cant wait for our next session soon! xx"

~ Leela, Distant Healing Client from Bangkok, Thailand on April 7, 2015

"Many blessings Ling for all the help, advice, healing, honesty, care and Love you have given! We are truly blessed to have had you with us during this journey."

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 29, 2015

"Oscar is feeling much better today! Thank you Ling, your continued caring and healing is bringing our little boy back to health and happiness!"

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 28, 2015

"We so appreciate you Ling. Thanks for helping Oscar, you are doing a miraculous job and he is healing day by day, especially at his age of 17. He is showing such improvement. Thank you Thank you, woof woof ;)"

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 27, 2015

"Thank you Ling we truly are blessed to have you helping! Thank you for the extra advice with the food. He has taken to it immediately & it feels so right. If you need help healing your pet, Ling is your healer! She will do a healing, make suggestions & let you know what is going on inside them."

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 26, 2015

"Blessings Ling, you are truly a caring healer. Thanks for all the follow up and care."

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 25, 2015

"Thank you again Ling, you are truly a blessing. These daily healings are helping him immensely. Thanks so much!"

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 24, 2015

"Our dog was vomiting, Ling is helping a lot with his returning to health. I am seeing a big difference in him. Thanks Ling, so much appreciated!"

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 23, 2015

"Thank you SO much Ling. Your care and devotion to healing is immeasurable. Thank you for taking the time to explain things about Oscar (dog) and for doing a wonderful healing for him. I know it's helping. I will be ordering for myself!"

~ Tasch & Lee, Distant Healing Clients from Australia on March 22, 2015

"The BEST healer ever! Repeating customer, always amazed with the results. Thank you!"

~ Distant Healing Client from Newark CA on March 10, 2015

"A wonderful experience! Could definitely feel it strongly. Ling is a gift to the world, very compassionate and her desire to help people really shines through."

~ Distant Healing Client from East Coast on Jan 21, 2015

"Thank you ling nice healing definitely feel something be back for more."

~ Distant Healing Client from Spain on Jan 15, 2015

"Yes! The session was great. She is a gifted healer and I encourage you to try it. :-)"

~ Arini, Distant Healing Client from East Coast on Oct 29, 2014

"Ling is my pranic healer for my physical and mental health issues as a result of my military service in the Marine Corps. I had been blessed with on-going pranic healing therapy with Ling at the Wellness Works, Glendale's Welcome Home Center for Veterans. Being a US Navy veteran herself, Ling understands what freedom and service means as she continues to be in service by bringing healing to military veterans and their families.

The process of the session is hard to describe, it just gives me a sense of calmness, inner peace, relaxation and sometimes it felt like energy was flowing in different directions and others were leaving my body. After receiving a session, I often experience the sense that while I may still have the chronic issue, I feel better to be able to cope with the challenges that the symptoms bring into my life. The treatments are meant to help heal the WHOLE person that I highly recommend it.

What I admire and acknowledge Ling is for her ethics, her powerful healing abilities and her generosity and compassion. She is not just a healer; she is very perceptive about issues and walks you through your life connecting the dots for you. She taught me techniques of powerful, positive manifestations and how to get rid of all the negative energies within me and around me. Encourages me to meditate with her Meditation MP3 that helps me to let go and don't let my past define my future. To say that the treatments have been responsible for the phenomenal on-going emotional, mental and spiritual healing of my health issues would be an understatement.

Ling, you have such a gift along with such a truly loving nature..., we are all multiply blessed who partake of it. Your "persona" fairly "leaks out" love and healing all the time. I get the sense that you really don't have to "do" anything but allow the continuous flow that is already there. Many thanks and I look forward to a continuing and mutually enhancing relationship! With love, blessings and gratitude...."

~ Patrick I. from Glendale CA on on Oct 28, 2014

"Ling definitely helps others from a loving and very heart centered place. Thank you for creating and supporting such a loving and healing place for me and your clients to step in. (( LOVE ))"

~ Narda, Distant Healing Client from East Coast on Oct 27, 2014

"Helped with pain in my foot. Woke up pain free and increased movement. Responded to questions quickly."

~ A Distant Healing Client from East Coast on Oct 23, 2014

"This reading was accurate and very fast."

~ Pamgi, an Angel Card Reading client on Oct 16, 2014

"I wish there is a 10 stars button because Ling deserves the best of the best review.

This year I have ran into some personal and family issues, so I decided to look for some professional help and that was how I found this company. After reading all the postive reviews and went on the website, I have decided to give them a call the next day. During the call, I was on my way driving to work but Ling was sure patience enough to listen to me and gave me some information regarding what she does, recommended hypnotherapy and schedule me to come in to see her.

So far I have gone through 3 sessions with her and she made me realize, opened up my mind and educated me on thinking more positively. I have let go a lot of unpleasant feelings and slowly working my way up. She is not only a life couch but also a friend, because she truly cares and make me feel great about myself once again."

~ Candace L. from Alhambra CA on on Sept 24, 2014

"I'm really grateful for my distance/remote Theta healing session with Ling. Her energy work helped me navigate an emotionally charged time. Looking forward to more sessions with you! Thank you, Ling!"

~ Mikee R. from Anaheim CA on on Sept 16, 2014

"Outstanding Experience!"

~ A Distant Healing Client from West Coast on Sept 4, 2014

"It is incredible to experience the after effects through theta healing. Letting go of beliefs and their core level. It is life changing! Thank you, Ling!"

~ Mikeer, Distant Healing Client from Orange County on Aug 25, 2014

"Thank you, Ling! It was an amazing experience!"

~ Mikeer, Distant Healing Client from Orange County on Aug 21, 2014

"Thank you, Ling! I'm feeling great today – high energy, and I slept very well last night with vivid dreams. I've been drinking lots of water today, but I can tell my body is still in the process of detoxing. Thanks, again, for sharing your gifts."

~ Aaron, Distant Healing Client on July 8, 2014

"Ling is an amazing talent and genuinely kind person. Her theta healing sessions with me have truly helped me remove limiting beliefs and experience greater calm and confidence. Her services are highly recommended!"

~ Jeremy S. from New York on on July 4, 2014

"Thank you Ling! I am already feeling much better :)"

~ Leah from Melbourne, Australia (Distant Healing Client) on June 28, 2014

"Wonderful session! It really helped me to resolve something fundamental and I greatly appreciated Ling's personal and caring style. I can definitely recommend this!"

~ Larissa from Vienna, Austria (Distant Healing Client) on June 18, 2014

"I feel wonderful. Very light! As if the energy lifted a huge black mist from my head. I feel at peace.

Thank you Ling. I felt the energy working its wonders and actually saw the 8th chakra.

You are truly gifted. Amazing! You are a blessing! Thank you so much. Bless you! :-)"

~ Shanu - Reiki Master from California (Distant Healing Client) on June 8, 2014

"I'm doing great. Really felt a lot of peace. Thank you."

~ Esteban from New York (Distant Healing Client) on May 24, 2014

"I've been working with Ling for a few months now and have to say- it has been an amazing and positive experience. Ling is intuitive, practical and insightful and holds your well-being in highest esteem. I've had the opportunity to work with several other hypnotherapists that lack the personal touch and care that Ling so easily provides. Her method is results-driven and her innate abilities are both nurturing and no nonsense! I have definitely seen the results in myself and believe it has been life altering. She is truly a gifted being and a lovely soul."

~ Debra C. from Woodland Hills CA on on May 4, 2014

"Excellent. Feeling better. Thank you."

~ Valerie from East Coast (Distant Healing Client) on April 30, 2014

"Thanks. I recommend Ling to anyone! :-) Thanks for your help. Namaste"

~ Sergio from Spain (Distant Healing Client) on April 23, 2014

"Amazing!!!!! Felt the strong energy. God bless light workers like you. You are the real deal."

~ Shradha S. from Newark CA (Distant Healing Client) on April 21, 2014

"I received hypnotherapy recently for the first time in my life. Before coming to Ling I had trouble getting over a certain part in my life I needed to get past and thought a spiritual route is a nice "out of the box" idea. My response to hypnotherapy was the same as most people which is: You can't really do that, can you? To my surprise hypnotherapy is not at all what I had expected, there is no "hypnotizing" someone like you see in Las Vegas. For me, and of course the experience is different for everyone, the experience was amazing, in a way it healed up certain emotional impact of my life, this I know 100% truly helped me move on in a certain part of my life. Its been about a month since my first treatment and I can say I have been able to move on wtih my life. Literally what happened was I sat in a relaxed posture in a extremely comfortable chair. Thought about somewhere or something or someone who first came to mind. Then kept thinking and soon enough I started seeing parts of my life or symbols to what I saw of me trying to move on from. Ling would be talking as I just let everything happen naturally. At first I couldn't really tell much of anything was happening but I trusted her, relaxed and followed. A movie of my past was playing in my head, different images of symbols pertaining to specific emotions during that time also appeared. Once I was done with my session I felt better about that rough moment in my life. I can't thank Ling enough for doing this I will want many many more follow ups with her, she truly helped me and I hope many others go to her before seeing a psychologist that costs so much and gives you medicine. I wanted to conquer a point in my life myself and help but not help of a psychologist. A rough patch that's a decade long overdue to move on from. I wanted spiritual help and it worked, proof showed itself in the first 30 minutes. Thank you Ling for helping me and I hope writing this will help her practice continue."

~ Michael W. from Glendale CA on on April 16, 2014

"I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have found Ling on Yelp. I originally sought out a hypnotherapist for someone else but I ended up seeing Ling instead. Meeting Ling was like meeting a long lost friend. Personally she's great. Professionally she is profound. People, this person knows what she's doing so go see her if you have a problem - ANY problem. Even if you're not sure if this whole "holistic" stuff is for you, give her a call with the mindset that there might be a possibility that she can help. I'm so grateful that I found her. You could be too."

~ Kris O. from Woodland Hills CA on on March 26, 2014

"Yesterday's hypno-therapy session was amazing - thank you very much Ling! The findings have given me much insight into my current situation and many, many things to think about."

~ Vickie W. from Valley Village CA on on March 12, 2014

"Ling is an amazing healer! Her practice covers a dynamic combination of fields. How often do you encounter a reiki healer that's also practices acupuncture and hypnotherapy? It's a one of a kind practice addressing body, mind and spirit. Even if you aren't looking to "heal" from a particular trauma, I would recommend meeting with her to rejuvenate and attune your energy to a very good flow and vibration. She is exceptionally kind, present and intelligent. Truly life-changing.

A living saint!

Thank you, thank you :D"

~Lee G. from Los Angeles CA on on Jan 29, 2014

"I am so thankful that I met Ling and benefit from her services. She is a wise soul and has the ability to truly help others. Everyone has tools at their disposal to become the people they want to be, but Ling has the ability to open up that toolbox and show us how to utilize those tools on our own.

I would recommend her services to open-minded individuals who are in touch with their spirituality but need that extra push to really help uncover their potential. I felt an immense difference after just my first visit and have since felt much lighter and clear-headed."

~ Sharon S. from Los Angeles CA on on Jan 26, 2014

I feel very comfortable with Ling because she has great intentions. She is very flexible with appointments and is super accommodating. She is also very affordable and accessible.

"I started going to Ling for spiritual counseling. I was looking to become more connected with my spirituality and I also wanted to find the best methods to connect with the universe. Ling is a spectacular hypnotherapist but more so, she provides powerful tools to help become in touch with yourself, your true wants and needs, while simultaneously connecting you to the higher energies. I would 100% recommend Ling to anyone who wants to open up to greater possibilities when it comes to universal connection and energy flow, and I would also recommend her for all types of healing. She is as real as it gets, and it's so refreshing!"

~ Maddie T. from Porter Ranch CA on on Jan 19, 2014

"I was referred to Ling by a friend for hypnotherapy and after checking out her website I was super impressed by how many healing modalities she practices! I have been to a hypnotherapist before and I was not able to enter a deep state of hypnosis so, I was excited to get an appointment! Her office is so comfortable and welcoming, I was immediately put at ease by the environment and her meticulous attention to energy of everything in and around it! Ling has a spot on, well honed clairsentience, she knew exactly what to counsel me on an how to explain things to me that I have been exploring for so many years (she even explained to me why I wasn't able to enter the hypnotic state in the past)! My hypnotherapy session was an amazing experience that I feel so lucky to have had with Ling! I left feeling a totally fresh clarity of the, "big picture", so much confidence, a feeling of being connected to a greater source, and a new knowledge of a part of my self that I had never experienced! Ling gave me sensitive and insightful tips and some amazing ways to continue on my way when I got home! I almost can't put into words how appreciative I am of her and how amazing I feel after just being around her. I can say that she has talent that far surpasses her myriad of credentials and she has worked hard to bring her energy to a place that allows her to help people with most anything; physical, emotional, metaphysical, anything! I recommend all of her services with full confidence to anyone searching to make positive changes in their lives, mind, and body!!"

~ Jezetka R. from Los Angeles CA on on Jan 3, 2014

"Hi Ling, Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Just wanted to update you and share the good news that I passed my exam! It was the best Christmas gift I could ask for.

Thanks for your positive and supportive words. Take care, and have a happy new year!"

~ An email from Dr. M, a client who recently passed the U.S. Medical Board Exam in CA on Dec 28, 2013

"Ling and Karrie are amazing. I've had sessions with both of them. You instantly feel comfortable talking to them about your problems which they just solve. Not going to go into detail about what I saw them for, however they seem to have a healing solution for any problems and the best way to describe it is it just works (and i was very skeptical at first)...I consistently walk out of there feeling on top of the world and with my issues resolved."

~ Craig A. from Beverly Hills CA on on Dec 22, 2013

"I'm just as skeptical as the next person and I didn't know quite what to expect. But Ling is an incredibly intuitive healer and guide. The everyday stresses that usually rattle me are now buffered by a deep calm. I feel more centered and in tune with my higher purpose.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is not about putting yourself in a vulnerable state of unconsciousness where the therapist can manipulate. It's about speaking positive affirmations to your subconscious and uprooting those negative self-limiting beliefs that were ingrained since childhood. As Lings says, it about rebooting the hardware that is the brain.

What I love about Ling is that she boldly speaks the truth and is not flaky. She comes from a military/engineering background and is just as surprised as anyone about being in this field. But she is truly called and gifted."

~ Karine K. from Chatsworth CA on on Dec 15, 2013

"Hey Ling!

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

I wanted to let you know that Saturday and Sunday a friend was over and she was smoking weed a lot in my presence and not once did I have the urge to do it... not once!!! I was so so so happy... relieved! The smell was kind of off putting too. Also, my drinking has cut down a lot more as well. I've had the chances to go nuts and drink myself into a frenzy, but after a drink or two I didn't want to do it anymore. I was done and over it. Feels so good and the panic/anxiety has gone down immensely."

~ An email from an Anonymous Client for Theta Healing on Dec 9, 2013

"I was referred to Ling by two friends and let me tell you all the rave reviews are real! Ling is an amazing soul who makes you feel happy and comfortable just being in her presence. She helped me tremendously understand the issues I've been having for almost all my life. Walking out of her place, I felt like $1,000,000 brand new dollars :) I cannot express more kind words towards this woman and what she's doing to help us get back on our path. Thank you SO much Ling and I cannot wait for our next conversation!!"

~ Wendy S. from Reseda CA on on Nov 11, 2013

"Lingfei is very direct, honest, and helpful. She takes her time and makes sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the services rendered."

~ A customer on Groupon on Nov 7, 2013

"Lings place is welcoming, relaxing, and private. Ling is down to earth and easy to talk too. She will spend extra time with you because she's that kind of person that is not all about "The money" and not all about "The Clock." What I like best about her is that she presents her self as an every day person. She's has a "No BS" attitude. Her gift is her power of observation, intuition, listening, and heart. I recommend her to anyone that needs positive reinforcement to get "over" the past and to anyone seeking balance in their work or personal life."

~ Jordan R. from Los Angeles CA on on Nov 6, 2013

"Power of passion to help others from Ling is come naturally phenomenal. She has a generous and strong mind and always put her hard work to make me feel better. I'm very impress and improve with every sessions I had with her. It's amazing to have her guide me to the mysterious of hypnosis therapy and heal so many issues that currently effect me. I will recommend her to everyone that need help with various issues or even just want to have an experience of calmness, stillness, relaxation and feel positive enegy after the session. We all want to get better, be open minded and don't wait to make an appointment with her. IF YOUR MIND NEEDS HELP, HERE IS THE PLACE YOU NEED TO GO!"

~Anna M. from West Hills CA on on Nov 3, 2013

"Ling is amazing! She has a way to connect to you and give you the kind of help you REALLY need. She is an ocean of wisdom, filled with kindness and love. I will highly recommend Ling to everyone! Don't wait - pick up the phone and call her. You will not regret doing that."

~ Hagit M. from Tarzana CA on on Nov 1, 2013

"Ling is truly, truly amazingly gifted and talented. Without sounding cliche or cheesy, she is by far the most skilled life changer. Ling searches to find the root of the problem in my life and somehow knows me better than I know myself. She is responsible for recovering me. I could not express how much I owe thanks to her. You helped me tremendously. Thanks Ling!!!"

~ Natalia D. on on October 3, 2013

"This place is excellent. I have been a nail biter for over 20 years. I came here for hypnotherapy to solve this problem. Well, to make a long story short after only 4 sessions I now have nails and I no longer bite them!! I was also able to deal with some other issues as well. It has helped me with my confidence, auditioning as an actor, calmness, helped me to meditate deeper, and to be centered. I would highly recommend. I also have tried the healing on my neck which was great as well!!! I love this place!!!"

~ Justin W. from Canoga Park CA on on October 1, 2013

"Amazing!! Ling is truly gifted and I never ever was into hypnotherapy until she showed me her true talents and got me through the hardest time in my life. Thanks Ling!!!"

~ Nicole A. on September 30, 2013

"If you wanted to receive a service from a professional, then you should go to see Ling!

If you have not believed in hypnotherapy, then you should go to see Ling and will change your mind!

Last but not least, she is a very nice person, who is a pleasure to talk to. She is very understanding, polite and would listen to you."

~ Jordan S. from Studio City CA on on September 16, 2013

"I was very skeptical about hypnosis and I can now say I am a believer. Ling made me feel amazingly comfortable and made my experience one I will always remember. I can't thank her enough. She is very good at what she does. The positivity in the office and her aura is amazing and I can't wait to see her for another session. I only had one session and just that one has helped me tremendously. I can't wait to see Ling again."

~ Tanesha H. on on September 16, 2013

"This was the first time meeting Lingfei, I had heard great reviews from someone who goes to her for hypnosis. I was not really sure of what I needed, but knew that this was the right place and person. Any hesitation, as a first time customer was erased as soon as I walked in. She was very inviting and has such positive energy. I did not feel pressured to buy additional services, like others places do to boost sales. This is how I knew she is the real deal. Lingfei provided me with guidance, and she identified what I needed help with. I am planning to be a repeat customer."

~ Ivonne M from Sylmar CA on on September 13, 2013

"It was a great experience.." ~ A Cleint on September 13, 2013

"I decided to try hypnotherapy because i found the Groupon for it...I did not know much about it. I used to be even skeptical about it. But once I walked into Lingfei's office, and started listening to her lively talk, I immediately trusted her. She took her time explaining about not making me do things that I didn't want to do, etc. but I had no fear. I could tell that she was doing her job to help people.

The Groupon I purchased came with 3 sessions (for only $55!), I think I fell asleep the first time (I'm not but then I noticed right away, when I tried to think about the things that were bothering me, I just couldn't remember. She worked on helping me remove my negative thoughts that were preventing me from being productive. It's amazing how she does all the talk (lol) but once I say something to her, she really understands me and it shows in the therapy as she paraphrases my words. Although I thought I was asleep, I became productive and stopped worrying about little things that were bothering me for months as soon as I left her office.

The second time, I made sure that I stayed awake and tried to get into the very relaxed state...I know I was awake...but then I felt like I lost track of time. How it affected me...was that I started inviting more positive people into my life.

I just had the third session today. Lingfei showed me AcuPranic. Wow. She knew my weak part of my body and she removed some of the pain. She showed me the light of the energy she was sending in. Just so you know, I'm not that kind of person who sees things like that.

I really recommend Lingfei if you work in the helping/healing work environment. You know you need it. To be open-minded is the key. :)"

~ Every Child M. from Palmdale CA on on September 12, 2013


I am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease or otherwise prescribe medication. I assist people in correcting energetic imbalances in their bio-field that assists the body to release its innate healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body’s innate natural energy heals itself. All healing is self-healing. I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice and my work is a complement to regular allopathic medicine. My spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatments for any medical or psychological conditions. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the energy sessions. The energy sessions help many people, but like any modality it won't work for everyone.

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